School holidays

Below you can find a little table with the respective schoolholidays for this year and the next school year. If you have school age children it is very easy to check now to plan your next vacation and organize an advance booking!

Attention :

Book your well deserved vacation, especially if you really need to travel in this school holidays, in advance. In these periods, there is usually much more demand than supply. Use a "ADVANCE BOOKING" and book as soon as possible. 

With your "advanced booking" your reservation will be created and also prioritized, for both the flight and the hotel, and is therefore the first confirmed one when the new winter or summer program established. So no risks at all!


Autumn holidays

Christmas holidays

Half term holidays

Easter holidays

Ascension holidays

2009 - 2010

02 nov / 08 nov

21 dec / 03 jan

15 feb / 21 feb

06 apr / 19 apr

13 mei / 14 mei

2010 - 2011

01 nov / 07 nov

27 dec / 09 jan

07 mrt / 13 mrt

05 apr / 18 apr

02 jun / 03 jun

2011 - 2012

31 okt / 06 nov

26 dec / 08 jan

20 feb / 26 feb

11 apr / 25 apr

17 mei / 18 mei

2012 - 2013

29 okt / 04 nov

24 dec / 06 jan

11 feb / 17 feb

02 apr / 15 apr

09 mei / 10 mei

We hereby grant to you the same rules to determine the exact dates, because the holiday in education based on solid principles. Start and end dates of all holidays are determined by the decision of the Flemish Government,  April 17, 1991. Summer holidays begin invariably on July 1 and ends on 31 August. Other principles for holidays are:

  • The Autumn holidays begin on Monday, of the week of November 1 and lasts 1 week. If November 1 is a Sunday, the start of the autumn holiday is Monday 02 November.
  • The CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS begin on the Monday of the week of Christmas and lasts two weeks. If Christmas is a Saturday or a Sunday, then the Christmas holidays starts on the Monday after Christmas.
  • The HALF TERM HOLIDAY begins on the seventh Monday before Easter and lasts a week.
  • The EASTER HOLIDAYS begin the first Monday in April and lasts two weeks. If Easter is in March, then holidays begin the Monday after Easter. If Easter is later then April 15, holiday begins the 2nd Monday before Easter.