Healthy travelling with a good travel pharmacy !


We prefer no to think about it but something can go wrong with our health on your well-deserved vacation. The probability of some (holiday) ailments is even higher than at home, especially since on your holiday you will get in contact with other life habits, a different diet and a climate that sometimes can be very different from the one we are used to.

And because our body is not used to these differences, there is sometimes something wrong. . . and we suffer from some specific holiday ailments. Talk with your doctor and/or pharmacist, to take the same or maybe an extra dose of certain medication your are using at home.

Attention : Many brand names of medication, normally available at your pharmacy, are abroad often nonexistent. Added the foreign language to this, an unknown doctor and unknown medication.. .

Certificates: It is possible that you will need your certificates of vaccination and/or vaccination for your trip. Check with your airline or travel agent. All of this must be done in advance.

Pregnancy: Normally airlines don't allow pregnant passengers to fly after the 36th week of pregnancy. After the 28th week, they should be able to submit a doctor's certificate.

Prevention is therefore still better than cure. Be prepared! A good composite travel pharmacy can save you a lot of misery.

A small list of what it belongs in your travel pharmacy:

  1. Your personal medication and drugs.
  2. Tablets for headaches and pain and fever in general.
  3. General disinfectant.
  4. Wound Healing and antiseptic ointment.
  5. Ointment for allergy, itching, insect bites and burns.
  6. Ointment for bruises and sprains.
  7. Repellent against mosquitoes and insects.
  8. Medicine for digestive disorders.
  9. Antidiarrhoeal and anti verstopping.Geneesmiddel against motion sickness.
  10. Remedy for sore throat.
  11. Throat and / or cough tablets
  12. antiseptic ointment
  13. Earphones
  14. Quickly dressing and adhesive bandages
  15. Sterile gauze, crepe bandages and pressure dressings
  16. Bandage scissors and splinter tweezers.
  17. Sterile needles and syringes.
  18. Plastic gloves.
  19. Possibly specially adapted products for baby or child.
  20. Sun Cream with a sufficiently high protection factor
  21. After-sun
  22. Contraceptives