Accepted luggage

Each airline limits the amount of luggage that you can take with you (number of bags, weight and dimensions). Consult your ticket or ask your travel agent or airline. If you exceed accepted standards, charges may be requested. There are restrictions with regard to the nature and the weight of the luggage. Overweight will be charged. People traveling together may check their luggage together and as long as the total does not exceed the permissible limit from the passengers together, one can avoid to pay overweight. You may want to consider bulky or heavy objects to be sent by airfreight transport.

  • Jetair : free luggage per person is limited by weight indicated on the ticket. Overweight will be charged by the airline at embarkation. A suitcase should not exceed 32 kg. Jetairfly allows each paying passenger 20 kg luggage (children less than 2 years - 10kg) in the short and medium-haul and for long-haul 25 kg. The additional costs for overweight, valid per trip, are: €8 per kilo for the short and medium haul flights; or € 12 per kilo for Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico (long haul). For other airlines other conditions may apply. The carrier doesn't accept fragile and/or perishable goods transported in your registered luggage.

  • Thomas Cook : 20 kg and 5 kg hand luggage with Thomas Cook Airlines. If you are with another airline, you can find this information on your tickets. A wheelchair and a baby stroller are extra baggage at no extra cost.

    There are basically two different systems for luggage at regular scheduled flights:
           * By weight: here you have a certain weight for your luggage at no cost.
           * Piece system: you can carry a certain number of cases with you at no cost with you.
    By weight is the most common luggage system for scheduled flights.
  • Free luggage: generally, following rules apply:
    * First Class : 40 kilogram
    * Business Class : 30 kilogram 
    * Economy Class : 20 kilogram

  • Children:

    Children are entitled to the same luggage allowance as adults. Infants (0-2 years), without a seat on the plane, get no free luggage and are only entitled to a collapsible stroller.

  • Overweight: 

    Overweight is charged by the airline at check-in. Costs vary from 1 to 1.5% of the highest single fare per kilogram. For a long haul flight, this can quickly add up to more than 25€ per kilogram. Be careful!

  • Specials: 

    * If you want to travel with a pet, always as your travel agent or the airline in advance. Pets are not 'normal' luggage. Special rules apply in terms of price and 'packaging'.
    * Ski and golf equipment may be included in the normal luggage allowance. Overweight apply for these items, however, separate conditions will be applied.
    Piece System (Piece concept): This system is mainly applied to flights to, from and within the United States and Canada.

Free luggage : The rules vary depending on the booking class:

* First Class: 2 pieces of luggage. The total of the three dimensions does not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) per bag.
* Business Class: First class see, the rules are the same.
* Economy Class: 2 pieces of luggage. The total of the three dimensions does not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) per case and where the overall dimensions of the two bags together does not exceed 273 cm (107 inches).
  • Maximum weight:

    The maximum weight per bag is 32kg (70lb), except in North America where the maximum weight is 23 kg (50lb). Children are entitled to the same amount of free luggage as an adult. Babies (-2 years), with no chair, are entitled to one piece of luggage whose three dimensions do not exceed 115 cm (45inches) and a fully collapsible stroller.

  • Specials , as standard luggage may be considered: Next things may, irrespective of their actual dimensions, be considered 1 piece of luggage of 135 cm (53 inches):

  • * A sleeping bag
    * A backpack
    * Ski equipment: 2 skis + poles + boots
    * Golf equipment: bag, clubs and one pair of golf shoes
    * A duffel
    * A well packed bicycle
    * A pair of standard water skis or one slalom ski
    * Solidly packed fishing equipment with no more than two fishing lines with roulette, a net, a pair of boots and a 'basket'.

    * Any portable musical instrument not exceeding 100cm (39 inches) in length. Excessive luggage: In contrast to the luggage system by weight, the "piece-system" rules isn't something simple. The amount for excessive luggage to be paid, depends on several factors: place and country of origin, place and country of destination and, in some cases, the airline you are traveling with.