Charter flights


Unlike the regular scheduled flights the schedule of a charter flight is susceptible to change. According to availability and capacity a lower fare can be applied, which will get you a wider holiday budget. Because of greatly increased traffic and crowded skies,  internationally imposed security changes and delays may occur.
Such changes can not be refunded and price adjustments will not occur. With strike action, which may also result in considerable delay, all costs will need to be paid by the travelers. Holiday charter flights are usually direct flights to and from the airport of destination. A technical stop, for example, to refuel, does not affect this. In some cases, their could exist combined destinations for technical or operational reasons and insufficient occupation. If indicated, flights may be announced as a charter flight but  executed as a sheduled flight.
For flight times for charter flights there is always mentioned "with a reserve" and may still be changed even AFTER receiving your airline tickets or your effective travel documents. This is one of the basic features of a charter flight. Your charter guarantees you a better fare since the airplanes will be used according to availability and capacity requirements.
This is one of the basic differences between a charter flight and a regular scheduled flight. If the time of departure and arrival, is an essintial condition for you to have a great holiday, we recommend a regular scheduled flight. Obviously, with a corresponding higher price and in function of the existing connections and current regular scheduled timetables.
Travelers who fly a charter flight and staying in a hotel, bungalow or apartment accommodation, always need to reconfirm the return flight.
The collection times by the host (ess) are stated on the notice board. When you are not sure, or missing information, please contact the local representative of the tour operator, whose address and telephone number will be listed in the travel documents. Travelers who only have booked transport (aircamping), and whose residence address is not known and the representative from the tour operator will not be visiting your residence address, need to follow the procedure for the reconfirmation of flight strictly as mentioned in the travel documents.
ATTENTION: The days of both the outward flight and the return flight are considered travel days and are therefore not counted as days 'stayed'. When you book a holiday of 8 days, there are 2 travel days and 6 fully equipped vacation days at a price calculated on the basis of 7 nights on the spot!